Hello, I’m
chris divecchio

I’m here to change your LIFE.


How My program can change your life

In today's world, it can be frustrating trying to figure out your own workout plan. The internet is full of conflicting articles on what foods we should eat, how much we should lift, whether we should do cardio or weights — and that's just the beginning.

As your personal trainer, I filter out all of the noise and figure out what works for you. With over 20 years of experience, I've trained everyone from athletes to models to people just trying to find time to fit in a workout. If you work with me, I'll create a custom program that helps you get closer to the results you want.


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My PMB Story

"I have been a part of so many extraordinary transformations that I believe deeply in people’s ability to change. As a result, I often find myself fighting harder for my clients than they fight for themselves until they start to see the results at which point they then take over."


unlock your
true potential

My client wanted to reach less than 10% body fat in 6 months. With proper nutrition and training, we made that a reality. His transformation story has been featured on:

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My approach

I use a three-fold approach that targets nutrition, training and vitamin supplementation to get results and promote preventative health and overall fitness. I recognize that every client is unique, which is why I specialize in custom programs specifically designed to fit each client’s goals. The key to the success of my program is accountability coaching. I'm committed to properly educating each client on nutrition and training to show just how easy it is to eliminate the excuses and get results.


train your body
and mind

"Working out with Chris has been amazing. His focus on detail and form is incredible, making sure you are optimizing your workouts. His workouts aren't just physical but also mental which is different than any other training I have had. I'm so happy with my results."

- Desi Perkins, Social Media Influencer


THE PMB process


Building your profile
To start, you'll fill out your profile sheet so I can understand your habits, dietary restrictions and goals for the future.


Creating your custom plan
After getting to know you, I'll build a training program that fits your lifestyle.


Making eating right easier
I'll work with you to design a meal plan that integrates into your life.


Enhancing with supplements
I'll recommend vitamins to complement your food plan to help you achieve your results faster.


Simplifying your workouts
I’ll guide you through every workout, whether you’re with me or watching one of my 300+ exclusive online videos.


Getting the support you need
I'm available 24/7 to help you get through those on-the-spot decisions and keep you accountable.


Keeping you accountable
We'll talk every two weeks about your progress. Then we'll make adjustments to keep you on track to your goals.



Train anywhere, anytime with
programs that fit your lifestyle.


My 5x2 Method

My book, The 5x2 Method, is truly for anyone and everyone, including children. This technique has the ability to dramatically reduce stress, inspire a more optimistic outlook on life and will open your eyes to things that have been hiding in plain sight, by revealing the power of your senses.